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Margaret McKee has chosen Rosemount House as her presidential project for 2017 – 2018.

Watch the film and find out why Rosemount House is so close to Margaret’s heart.

The UNISON Organising Awards for 2017 took place on Thursday 22nd March 2018 in the Belfast Castle.

The awards took the chance to showcase the work that UNISON branches across Northern Ireland had successfully completed in 2017 and were attended by branches, regional staff, members of the NEC and the UNISON president Margaret McKee. 

At it’s November meeting, UNISON’s social care forum responded to recent media report where advocacy groups for senior people and independent domiciliary care providers claim that social care provision is crumbling. 

Anne Speed Head of Bargaining and Representation for UNISON across Northern Ireland and member of the all Ireland Executive Council of the Irish Congress of Trade unions said;

We are pleased to have played a part with our colleague trade unions in commissioning this groundbreaking survey Abortion as a workplace issue.

For the first time trade unions have direct access to members’ experience of the very real impact on women in the workplace making the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

Noeleen Beattie organiser in the Education spoke to the October meeting of NILGA on the pay claim served by all unions operating in the NJC pay system across the UK

In Northern Ireland support service workers are covered by NJC agreement. NILGA is a member of the employers UK negotiating body on pay terms and conditions.

Noeleen emphasised the following aspects of the pay claim:

The compression of spinal points 11 – 25.

23 – 29 October 2017

UNISON supports the campaign for safer and healthier work, so promotes the European Health and Safety Week and the UK National Inspection Day on the Wednesday of the Week.

This year’s theme remains  “Healthy workplaces for all ages” and good workplace design and well managed health and safety benefit all of those at work; whether young, old, or in-between.

Today (13 October 2017) UNISON, the largest union in the health service, will challenge all five Health Trust Boards to refuse to comply with a demand for cuts.

UNISON representatives will speak at all five Trust Board meetings and are expected to say:

‘‘Chair, Board members

We start our contribution by paying tribute to the public and our members who have spearheaded a public campaign over the past 6 weeks – a campaign that has very publically rejected these outrageous and dangerous cuts. 

Today (11 October 2017) the Department of Health has announced that £40 million has been found for the health and social care budget, following on from a proposed £70 million in cuts across the five Health and Social Care Trusts.  Responding to this announcement, UNISON Regional Secretary Patricia McKeown said:

‘‘It comes as no surprise that the Department of Health has had to give way in the face of People Power.  The public was always going to reject outrageous proposals to strip older people of their right to care and inflict further hardship on patients on waiting lists.

On Thursday, UNISON sprung into action to respond to the consultation on proposed cuts in five of the health trusts. UNISON regionally submitted a response to each Trust raising concerns and highlighting various impacts the cuts would make on staff, service users and members of the public. At local level, branches lobbied their own Trust areas by submitting responses, petition signatures, speaking at public meetings and protesting against the cuts. 


The members and staff of UNISON Northern Ireland mourn the passing of our former General Secretary, Rodney Bickerstaffe, a champion of working class people everywhere and our good friend. 

We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Pat and to all the family. We will truly miss him. 

Patricia McKeown, Regional Secretary, UNISON NI