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Our members – including nurses, paramedics, cleaners, domestics and porters – are beginning a campaign today (Thursday) seeking an early and significant pay rise of at least £2,000 to every worker in the NHS.

Staff in UNISON branches based in NHS hospitals, ambulance stations and clinics will be using social media and taking part in socially distanced events to press home the message that health workers deserve much more than applause for their efforts during the pandemic.

UNISON NI nominates Assistant General Secretary, Christina McAnea to lead our 1.4 million members as our next General Secretary. She won the nomination for her outstanding record of service to the members, as a tough negotiator for the whole UK, as a champion for women's rights, pay equality, justice for low paid workers and a strong supporter of political devolution. Christina's stature in the UK and international trade union movement fits her to be the next UNISON leader and the first women to lead over 1 million women members. 


In advance of a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Ulster University Students Union (UUSU) tomorrow (Thursday 10th September), UNISON is deeply disappointed that the UUSU have entered a 30-day consultation process on redundancies for staff within their Jordanstown, Magee and Coleraine campuses. We are very concerned for our members’ jobs and we insist that UUSU must urgently take steps to protect their employment. Commenting on this development, UNISON Regional Organiser Marianne Buick said:

On behalf of our members across the NHS in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, UNISON has now submitted a pay claim to the UK Government at Westminster calling for all workers on Agenda for Change to receive an increase of at least £2,000 before the end of the year. This is the equivalent of around £1 an hour for all staff. When we surveyed our members, over four fifths (84%) said that a £2,000 pay lift would make a ‘substantial difference’ to them.

The school term is starting and many of you will be already back to the workplace. 

Today (20th August), UNISON is continuing to raise serious concerns with the Education Authority (EA) in relation to the measures that are required to protect our members health and safety as schools begin to reopen. UNISON Regional Organiser Marianne Buick said:

‘‘We are now only 5 days away from large numbers of children returning to school, but far too many questions in relation to the health and safety of our members remain unanswered, and measures promised to mitigate risks are not yet in place.

UNISON notes the publication today (13th August) by the Education Minister, Peter Weir MLA, of the New School Day guidance for the full re-opening of schools. Commenting on this guidance, UNISON Regional Organiser Marianne Buick said:

UNISON represents over 8000 education workers, most them in the frontline of service delivery for our school children.

We have been engaged in continuous joint union discussions with the Department and Education Bodies on a pilot plan for the safe return of children and workers alike. That plan has now been set aside for what appear to be political rather than public health reasons.

Like everyone else we want to see our schools re-open but our members and our school children cannot be put at risk.

Beirut is a scene of utter devastation today in the aftermath of a massive explosion at Karantina sea port that sent shock waves across Lebanon’s capital yesterday afternoon. At least 100 people are reported dead and 4,00

JNC circular for Youth and Community Workers - Pay Increase for 2018/2020.