UNISON Northern Ireland

Update your details

If you know your membership number, you can use the below form to update your details.

How do I get my membership number?

Membership numbers can be sourced through the following channels:
A membership card will be issued to you when you when you first join - replacement cards can be requested by ringing UNISON Direct 0800 0857 857
Your membership number will be displayed on all communication you receive from UNISON
You can ring the UNISON NI Regional Centre on 028 90 270190  (or UNISON Direct 0800 0857 857) and ask for your number by simply giving your name and postcode 

Alternatively, click contact us in order to obtain your membership number.

Your subscription rate is determined by how much you earn (Please see table below).
Please note failure to pay the correct subs band could affect membership benefits and representation.


For members in Northern Ireland only.

Have you changed job in the last year or have you got a new Staff Number? If so and you pay your UNISON subscriptions from your wages, you should check your payslip to see that deductions are still being taken. If they aren’t on your payslip then please let us know so that we can get this fixed to ensure you are still covered.