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The Workplace Health Leadership Group NI is hosting a series of webinars focused on mental health in the workplace.

Each week, they will be collaborating with renowned mental health professionals, who will be sharing their

experiences from various perspectives and addressing key questions involving employee mental wellbeing.

Every Thursday from 15th April to the 13th May, 2.30pm - 4pm

Read the full programme details here.

Health Trade Unions welcome the announcement regarding the extension of the removal of car parking charges for health workers.

This is especially welcome in light of the ongoing efforts and time spent by staff in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In welcoming this move, Trade Unions believe this must be the time to reconsider the approach to staff parking charges in its entirety.

Commenting today (25th March) on the announcement that the Scottish government has made a pay offer to NHS staff in Scotland, UNISON Northern Ireland Head of Bargaining and Representation Anne Speed said: 
“This shows where there’s a political will, there’s most definitely a way.  

Today, along with many across the nation, we will be marking one year of the Covid-19 pandemic with a Day of Reflection. You are asked to observe a minute's silence at 12 noon to look back on the challenges and changes both our colleagues and members have all faced over the last year. We encourage you to take some time out of your day to join in with this moment of quiet reflection.

UNISON members in Northern Ireland throughout Thursday March 11th are sending a message to Boris Johnson that a 1% fund for NHS pay is an insult after the year they have been through.

 A 1% pay rise is bad for the health service, its workforce and each and every health worker.  Such a low wage increase neither makes economic sense nor delivers the boost that the NHS needs to recover from the pandemic.

UNISON has joined with other unions and submitted a pay claim for 2021/22, which they say begins to redress a decade of cuts and recognises the key role played in the pandemic by school and council staff.

We want to see a ‘substantial’ pay increase from this April with a wage rise of at least 10% for all school support employees and council workers in Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Under the claim, the pay of the lowest paid workers would go above £10 per hour – lifting them above the real living wage of £9.50 per hour .

UNISON, the largest public service union in Northern Ireland, has launched a new ‘All We Need is Lunch’ Art Competition for children and young people in Northern Ireland, as part of the union’s campaign to highlight the benefits that providing universal, free, nutritious school meals would deliver.

Health workers in Northern Ireland are joining staff across the NHS calling on Rishi Sunak to recognise the work they've done to protect lives and fund a decent pay rise in this week's Budget, says UNISON today (​Monday).

More than 60,000 health care assistants, porters, operating theatre staff, nurses, caterers, ambulance staff, cleaners and members of the public have signed a letter to the Chancellor asking him to properly reward NHS staff for their work before and during the pandemic. 

The UNISON Education Committee welcomes the new networks launched by the Education Authority offering support for EA staff.

You can download and read the information about the networks below:

GLEAM - LGBT+ Friends Staff Network

EA LINK - Disability & Carers Staff Network


UNISON Community and Voluntary Sector Branch NI have  launched a campaign for all workers in the community and voluntary sector to receive a £500 covid recognition payment to recognise the work of staff in the sector during the covid pandemic.

UNISON has written to the Communities Minister asking for a £500 recognition payment.  As part of our campaign for the payment we are asking our members to complete this form to send a letter to their local MLA to support our claim for a covid recognition payment for all workers in the community and voluntary sector in NI.