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UNISON General Secretary Christina McAnea has urged the Prime Minister to make funding available for school and council workers in Northern Ireland, England and Wales, who educate children and keep communities safe and clean, to have the pay rise they deserve. 

In a letter to Boris Johnson on the eve of a meeting Today (July 27th) Christina McAnea wrote:

Northern Ireland Trade Unions in Health have met today, Thursday 22nd July, to consider the pay offer emanating from the Westminster government of 3% to Agenda for Change staff in the National Health Service in England.

All the Trade Unions expressed their disgust as this derisory offer falls well below the expectations of members who have delivered health services to all during the last very difficult eighteen months.

Lead Negotiator Anne Speed for health trade union UNISON, has today written to the Department of Health asking when health staff in Northern Ireland can expect a response from the Minister on a pay uplift."

We are seeking details and confirmation that funding will flow from the Barnett formula. However, this will not include social care, a perennial problem that has to be addressed."

She added,

The government has led NHS workers a merry dance and ministers should hang their heads in shame at such disgraceful treatment (Wednesday), says UNISON.  

Despite a widespread expectation that the long-awaited pay announcement would happen today, ministers have cruelly dashed the hopes of thousands of exhausted and dedicated health workers, the union added.  

UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said: “The government has behaved disgracefully towards NHS staff.  

UNISON welcome the Communities Minister’s announcement that all workers employed in the Supporting People Programme across Northern Ireland will receive a £500 payment in recognition of their hard work and dedication in delivering services during the pandemic.

Thousands of health workers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be looking to the Prime Minister to announce his decision on the long-awaited NHS pay rise in the coming days, says UNISON today (Wednesday).

Ministers have repeatedly said they will await the recommendations of the NHS pay review body (on which they have attempted to set a 1% limit) before making an announcement on the wage rise health workers have been due since the start of April.

UNISON’s Head of Bargaining and Representation Anne Speed has acknowledged the Health Minister’s statement on the waiting time figures and renewed focus on a framework for elective care.

Speaking from the UNISON UK policy conference she said “As the largest Health union we agree with him that the figures are shocking. These waiting times are the worst in the UK.

We have faced down Covid and now we must get to grips with the impact on all those now urgently needing treatment and care.

Christina McAnea hails important victory for staff involved in strikes or disputes

UNISON, alongside other unions representing 750,000 council and school support staff across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have criticised the 1.5% pay offer made by the Local Government Association.

UNISON, along with other unions, submitted a joint pay claim to the local government employers in February for a 10% pay rise. This would be payable from 1 April 2021.

Our joint claim represents a decent wage rise that’s both necessary to put a stop to poverty pay in local government and schools, and recognises the crucial role played by staff during the pandemic.

The theme for International Nurses’ Day this year is ‘A voice to lead – a vision for future healthcare’.