UNISON Northern Ireland


As a union everything we do is about creating a better life for our members. Because of our direct involvement with our membership we are acutely aware of the issues which are important to them and their futures. In the current climate, where a massive attack is being launched on the public services, campaigning and influencing the development of public policy have never been more important. 

UNISON is constantly campaigning on behalf of our members about issues such as:

  • Protecting vital public services from austerity and the negative effects of privatisation and outsourcing
  • The overall economic situation and impact of welfare reform
  • Protecting the rights of workers and their jobs and conditions across specific sectors
  • The rights of all children to a high quality education
  • Reforming our health and social care system to create a public health model for our members and their families which aims to eradicate health inequalities
  • Care for older people and their families
  • Mental health care for our members and their families - with a particular focus on suicide
  • Job opportunities and career development for our members and their families
  • Better use of public money to create local jobs, tackle disadvantage and improve the economy
  • Better delivery of public services to tackle poverty and inequality on the basis of objective need
  • Encouraging the use of partnership working with employers, producing real outcomes on improved care and satisfaction for patients, clients, and health and social care workers alike
  • Challenging both cuts to funding for the community and voluntary sector and the misuse of the sector as a substitute for public services
  • Building the human rights and equality framework, both to ensure the development of progressive policies and to tackle discrimination
  • Working together to build the local movement on peace
  • Protecting our members, their families and communities from the negative effects of an end to the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

We campaign on these issues to make sure that Government takes the actions needed to improve the social and economic position of all the people, protects their rights and promotes equality of opportunity for all.  

You can view our Current Campaigns by following the link.

Campaigns by Sector