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UNISON notes the statement issued to the media by the Health and Social Care Trust Chief Executives today in relation to the industrial action by UNISON members. 

The recognition of the Trust Chief Executives of the sacrifices made by staff during the pandemic is important. We acknowledge that the Trust Chief Executives have stated their desire to see all staff properly rewarded for their work and that they recognise the impact that the cost of living crisis is having.  


Courageous UNISON members from across the entire health and social services family have been walking out on strike across Northern Ireland since shortly after midnight.   

Footage from the UNISON teams on duty at our hospitals covers nurses, ambulance staff, and health workers from all disciplines determined to highlight the plight they face.  They are being joined by members in other health settings and in the community as the day progresses.

Extending powers to Northern Ireland Civil servants during the absence of an Assembly and Executive will now enable the Department of Health to take a step on pay for health workers.  News has emerged that the recommendation of a £1400 per pay band increase imposed on workers in Scotland England and Wales is to be extended to HSC staff on agenda for Change Pay terms.

Responding to the announcement Anne Speed, UNISON Head of Bargaining and Representation said 

Trade Union Officials from NIPSA, UNISON, GMB and UNITE met with EA Senior Management on 5 December to receive a briefing on the budget position for the current financial year.

Education Authority management confirmed that their projected overspend had reduced from £290m to £100m and had been advised that no further money would be available to address the funding gap of £100m. The Department of Education has instructed EA management to deliver proposals to make savings of £100m during the remaining 3 months of the current financial year.

The warning from the Education Authority that its funding to youth services will have to be cut by at least 25% has set alarm bells ringing across the voluntary sectors its workers and the young people they support.

This warning comes during a cost of living crisis when families and young people are coping with increasing levels of financial difficulty. Families are becoming poorer and it is at times like these when young people need support as they struggle to cope.

A decision has been imposed on the Department of Education by the NI Secretary of State, balance your books on the backs of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society. It is incomprehensible that savings of this nature can be achieved in 3 months without inflicting serious harm to the delivery of education.

Education is a devolved matter and the voters of Northern Ireland and the politicians they elect own the mandate to set Education policy for our children.

In the midst of a cost of living crisis Bryson Recycling have made a pay offer that does not come close to the rate of inflation.

Thousands of UNISON nursing staff will commence industrial action short of strike on Monday December 5th next. They will join thousands of other UNISON members of the direct workforce in all Health Trusts and arms length bodies in industrial action short of strike.

UNISON Northern Ireland has announced that thousands of its members have voted to strike and take action short of strike.

Responding to the mandate delivered  BY UNISON members 

Anne Speed Head of Bargaining and Representation said:

" Of the thousands who voted over the last 3 weeks more than 97% have voted to take strike action and action short of strike. Our Health Industrial Action Committee have met and are making plans to implement this mandate from early December