UNISON Northern Ireland

NJC Pay Offer

UNISON have today received  a two-year NJC pay offer from the Local Government Employers (letter attached).  

Under the offer:

  • Those currently on SCP 6 - the lowest paid - would receive a pay increase of 16% over two years.
  • Employees on scale points 7-19 will receive increases of between 9% and 3.7% in year 1.
  • Employees on scale point 20 and above would receive an increase of 2%.
  • Employees will be assimilated on to a new pay spine in year 2.
  • Those on the bottom pay point will receive £9 an hour. New scale points 2-22 from 1 April 2019 will have new, even 2% differentials.
  • Employees on new scale point 23 and above receive a further 2% increase on 2018 salaries.  

This offer will now be considered by a UK wide Local Government/Education committee.

They will decide whether to recommend a consultation with members on the offer or push for further negotiation.