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UNISON has been lobbying to have NISCC fees waived completely for the period of the pandemic.

We have successfully managed to have fees deferred until October 1st.

Payment of Annual Increment for Staff Employed on NJC Terms and Conditions of Service

Today, across the world trade unionists celebrate May Day and march in solidarity with each other to make the call for justice, equality and human rights for all workers.

This May Day should be no different.  The call is the same.  

We cannot physically march side by side but solidarity is stronger than ever.   

UNISON in partnership with the employer agreed a number of measures which have been put in place in recent weeks to safeguard donors and staff As a result the level of PPE has been reviewed and staff now have access to wearing masks when working with donors within a 2 metre radius.

UNISON would like to encourage donors to give blood at this difficult time.

Members of the UNISON Down Education Branch in Colin Youth Development Centre are volunteering their time to ensure young people in the West Belfast area eat well during lockdown.

Tonight at 8pm the public is being asked to show its support for UNISON members and all those working in frontline public services responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. The public should join in a mass round of applause at 8pm while staying in their homes.

UNISON welcomes Minister Swann's decision to bring the Northern Ireland blood donation referral rules into line with GB. This is based on scientific advice and maintains safety while increasing the potential pool of donors which is even more crucial at this time.

UNISON has successfully challenged employers who were paying staff Statuatory Sick Pay during the Covid-19 outbreak to move them on to the Furlough Scheme.

UNISON representatives argued that the members working in higher education employed a by private contractor were only placed on sick leave due to the pandemic and it was not a normal case of sickness absence. The employers agreed that staff could be moved to the furlough scheme and receive 80% of their wage rather than the SSP rate of pay.

Health workers employed by private residential and nursing homes have been at the sharp end of the Covid 19 pandemic from the outset. They were left to the last on testing, guidance and PPE and many were not equipped to deal with the outbreak.

As the largest union representing health workers, UNISON has been engaged in 'a battle a day' to protect residents and staff.  We have called for:

Following intensive negotiation Health Service Trade Unions have secured agreement on the protection of terms and conditions for health service staff volunteering to support their colleagues in the independent sector at this time of great need.

Our aim has been to protect residents and staff alike.

On the key issues of testing and PPE, all residents and staff in the Covid 19 homes will now be tested and the full range of appropriate PPE will be available to the workforce.