UNISON Northern Ireland


This is reported as a temporary measure for 6 months while we await the longer-term report of the NHS Staff Council Review of AFC Travel Terms and Conditions. 

UNISON across the UK will continue to campaign for early implementation, along with more permanent solutions via the NHS Staff Council, to ensure inflationary rises apply to all elements of the mileage affected above and below the 3,500 mile cut off. 

UNISON knows only too well that the recent amendment to the scheme does not provide enough relief on the immediate shortfall of cash in your pocket

UNISON continues to reiterate the urgency of a situation which will see many employees falling into Fuel Poverty, with some staff unable to put fuel in their cars, due to  the excessive costs of fuel and the lack of immediate funds as a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis.  

UNISON members who find themselves in a position of considering “food or fuel” should advise management of their situation, and urge the provision of an alternative source of transport to carry out their duties, funded by their employer. 

UNISON, along with other unions, would advise all members to communicate their position to management, putting them on notice in writing with regards to any negative impact on their health and well-being arising from their working conditions. 

While the changes are a step in the right direction, more needs to be done, and along with other Health Trade Unions UNISON will reinforce the continued need for urgent action to ensure the reimbursement of travel costs in a manner that reduces the delays and the ongoing fuel stress that staff are suffering. We are pressing for fortnightly payment of mileage expenses. 

Longer term, UNISON agrees with our colleague trade unions that the uniqueness of Northern Ireland’s integrated Health and Social Care structure within the UK must be recognised. We are urging that this is taken into consideration in the implementation of any improvements that may be made in the NHS Staff Council Review of mileage as part of AFC Terms and Conditions. 

Your UNISON Northern Ireland Health committee has decided that they will demand that a sustainable resolution of the mileage issue is included in any ballot, action and settlement of issues on  HSC/NHS pay.