UNISON Northern Ireland


Good news - Our members working for Electus Heath Care will now also be able to access the top up payment to make up 80% of their salary when they are forced to stay home because of Covid. 

UNISON secured the original top up payment from the Department of Health as our members were experiencing hardship and could not afford to be off sick on Statutory Sick Pay. Due to the Department providing the funding, UNISON urged all employers to step up to the mark and guarantee 100% of their workers’ wages when they have to take sick leave or self-isolate to protect them and residents.

After pressure from both members and UNISON, Electus HC has agreed to access the money made available by the Department of Health. 

It should be recognised that the Minister is having to continue to provide this funding because many employers were only paying the bare minimum in statutory sick pay, rather than the kind of decent occupational sick pay schemes that should be expected. This is but one example of the low pay and poor terms and conditions that workers across social care face and highlights the pressing need for wider reforms through a new Bargaining Forum to ensure workers are not exploited by the care system.

We urge members working in other homes to get in touch with us if their employer continues to leave them on SSP only!