UNISON Northern Ireland

UNISON responds to the consultation on reshaping breast assessment services

On 25th March 2019, the Department of Health published a document in order to consult the public, service users, patient representatives and other stakeholders on proposals to improve the timely delivery of breast assessment services in Northern Ireland.

UNISON have today published their response to the consultation pointing out flaws in the consultation document and a failure to publish a full report drafted by the department on the Future Model of Breast Assessment. UNISON have cautioned the department against drawing conclusions from the limited engagement with patients that has taken place so far, and seek an unequivocal assurance that any decision on the future configuration of breast assessment services will be for a locally accountable Minister for Health to take, under the scrutiny of the wider Executive and the Assembly. Such an assurance has not been given within the consultation document.

You can download and read the full consultation response document here.