UNISON Northern Ireland

UNISON Press Release

UNISON Northern Health Branch demand that the decision to reduce office cleaning in non-clinical areas is overturned in Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

UNISON Northern Health Branch has reacted strongly to a memo sent out on the 7th of March to Assistant Directors within the Northern Trust and demand that this decision is overturned.

The memo states that office staff will be required to vacuum, dust offices, mop floors, clean shelves etc.

UNISON has already engaged with senior management in relation to the communication and the lack of consultation with staff or their unions. They have also raised a number of concerns which pertain to contracts of employment, job descriptions and a multitude of health and safety concerns.

UNISON is also extremely concerned that what seems to have been a historical decision to cut corners and make savings is a false economy. UNISON believes that medics, directors and senior managers are paid to utilise their professional skills and to take them away from these duties to clean their own offices is nonsensical and a very costly use of public money.

Our members in corporate support services also deserve to have the jobs they have been trained and skilled to deliver protected. They deliver a high standard of cleaning services and this is where these duties should remain.

UNISON members across the trust in most occupations are finding it difficult to deliver on the duties they are contracted to do without imposing any further undue pressures on them. UNISON awaits a response from management. However, following our concerns raised we have been advised discussions are taking place as a matter of urgency.

For further information please contact Stephanie Greenwood UNISON Northern Health Branch Chairperson 07725 987 317.