UNISON Northern Ireland

UNISON NI Organising Awards 2017

The UNISON NI Organising Awards 2017 took place on Wednesday 10 May 2017. Here UNISON gave recognition to those branches and stewards who have went the extra mile in 2016. It was a great day with many uplifting stories of how working together can effect positive change for workers and the community.

UNISON are encouraged by the work of the branches, their members and the stewards who work hard all year round to help give people a voice and confidence to tackle work place and community issues.

The prize categories and winners were as follows:


Organising and Recruitment

Gold Award

Craigavon Branch – Cancer Focus Bus Recruitment Plan

North & West Belfast Community Branch – Social Care Registration Campaign

Northern Health Branch – Flu Jab Organising and Recruitment Campaign


Silver Award

Derry Education Branch



Membership Participation

Gold Award

Belfast Education Branch – Stars in our Schools

Northern Health Branch – Black and Migrant Workers, ‘One Day Without Us’

Royal Hospitals Branch – RVH Inez McCormack Women’s Committee



Negotiation and Representation

Gold Award

Omagh & Fermanagh Branch – Regional Uniform Campaign

UCHT/Down Lisburn Branch – Clock in Machines Campaign

Muckamore Abbey Hospital Branch – Clock in Machine Campaign


Silver Award

Northern Trust – Branch Negotiations and Representation Strategy

Orchard Branch – Campaign on Single Pay Frequency



Gold Award

North & West Belfast Community Branch -

Campaign to oppose the closure of adult day centres




Gold Award

Northern Health – Development of Casework Database


Silver Award

Royal Hospitals Branch – Social Media Communications Campaign




Outstanding New Steward

Gold Award

Deirdre Cousins – Royal Hospitals Branch

Natalie Muir – Northern Health Branch


Silver Award

Anne Marie Gillen – Omagh & Fermanagh Health Branch


Recognising Excellence

Gold Award

Tom Hughes – Greenpark Health Branch


Rosie McConachie – Northern Health Branch


Noel Muldoon – Orchard H&SC Branch


Silver Award

Alison Burke – Foyle Health Branch