UNISON Northern Ireland

UNISON delivering for members at the frontline in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

After discussions with UNISON and the BHSCT and SHSCT catering management, we are delighted to announce free meals and beverages for all Belfast and Southern staff across all sites. From Tuesday 7th April, this measure will be extended to all staff in all trusts.

Conor McCarthy, UNISON Royal & Muckamore Branch Secretary, said: "This measure not only provides free food and beverages for staff but also eliminates the transfer of money from person to person thus helping keep staff safe".

Staff will also be asked to maintain social distancing procedures while in the canteen, stagger breaks and take away food where possible to limit the number of people in the canteen at one time.

We want to thank all our catering members for their continued dedication to staff and patients during the pandemic. UNISON will continue to support our members at this difficult time.