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Ulster University Students' Union move to privatise canteens

UNISON are calling for services to be retained in-house amid growing concerns that canteen facilities are being privatised under new proposals across the Ulster University campuses.

UNISON strongly believes it is morally wrong that the Students’ Union is moving to outsource its long-serving employees, many who have worked for the union over the years.

How will it affect the staff?
  • Staff are demoralised and feel they have been sold out
  • Creates a two tier workforce where any new staff will be in lesser terms and conditions such as the minimum wage, minimum sickness or maternity benefits
  • Won’t be entitled to pay awards that SU staff would get
  • Won’t be entitled to same pension
How are students affected?
  • Catering facilities may be at risk of closure
  • Students may have no control over pricing
  • Students will have no input on service delivery
  •  A private company thrives on profit at your expense
  • Students will be part of an organisation that has privatised  their workforce
What can you do?
  • Email your union representatives to reject the proposal to privatise
  • Ensure your voice is heard and stand up for the staff who have been dedicated to you over the years
  • Show your support by visiting the canteens and making a purchase
  • Speak to catering staff and ask them how they feel about the proposal
Contact UU President Kevin McStravock and UUSU Chief Executive Officer David Longstaff to demand that this proposal is rejected.
UUSU President Kevin McStravock
028 903 66050

UUSU Chief Executive David Longstaff
028 903 66050