UNISON Northern Ireland


Following the Joint Trade Unions meeting with the Health Minister today, UNISON will now carefully monitor the response from the Northern Ireland Executive to the Health Minister's request for funding to award a pay uplift.  Their pay is now in the hands of our politicians.

Regional Secretary Patricia Mc Keown is strongly advising political parties to take serious note of health workers disappointment that the PRB has limited its recommendation to 3%.  She said  "For many months our health and social services membership has been involved in an intensive campaign and political lobby, making the case for fair and decent pay. Our claim is for a very reasonable £2000 uplift for the whole health care team and the introduction of a real living wage. All parties and elected politicians know what is needed. We now need them to step up with the right resources. Health staff have given so much over the last 18 months, they deserve to have their hard work and commitment valued. 

Our members will get their chance to deliver their verdict once we get the Executive decision."