UNISON Northern Ireland

General Election Hustings UNISON June 2017



On Monday 5 June UNISON NI held a hustings for it's members and branches. 

The political panel consisted of:

  • Steve Aiken Ulster Unionist Party 
  • Tim Attwood Social Democratic and Labour Party 
  • Stewart Dickson Alliance Party 
  • Linda Dillon Sinn Fein 
  • Shaun Harkin People Before Profit 
  • Tanya Jones Green Party 
  • Lily Kerr Workers Party 


UNISON members asked the candiates questions covering topics such as the budget, the NI Bill of Rights, ensuring protection after the EU exit and the real living wage. 

There was good discussion from the candidates with nearly all pledging to stop any reduction in corporation tax and to ensure that Northern Ireland specifics are taken into consideration in the exit from the EU. 

The parties represented in the NI Assembly were also called upon to make a deal as soon as possible after the general election. 


UNISON NI have three leaflets on the general election - Public Finances, EU Exit and Equality & Human Rights available HERE