UNISON Northern Ireland


UNISON acknowledges the announcement made by the Department of Education to make payments for free school meals for eligible children during all school holidays until April 2022.

In July, UNISON supported the Children in Northern Ireland campaign to end holiday hunger for all our children. However, no child should go hungry, not just when the schools are closed or when they are eligible for free school meal provisions. Recently, we have seen a media spotlight shone on the reality of child poverty and we need to do more to eradicate child poverty in Northern Ireland.

UNISON is campaigning for nutritional free school meals to be provided for all our children. Free school meals for all would promote public health and reduce poverty across all of our communities. It would improve our children's educational outcomes and promote children's rights. We will be highlighting the incredible work done by our members in school catering for preparing nutritious food.

As Covid-19 continues to damage our social and economic system, the NI Executive should be investing in the future of our society and supporting parents and families at a time when they most need it.

We want to hear from you, fill out our survey about your experiences here -https://www.unison-ni.org.uk/free-school-meals-4-all

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