UNISON Northern Ireland


Preparation is well underway for all out strike action next week among thousands of UNISON health and education workers.

Industrial action committees meeting at UNISON Northern Ireland HQ today heard detailed reports of plans for extensive picket lines on January 18 at all the acute and community main health facilities.  EA school based and headquarter staff will also mount pickets right across the region.

Anne Speed Head of Bargaining and Representation said,

"There won’t be a workplace that is not affected next week.   Indeed, in all of the major towns, big and small, workers will be stepping out to demand pay justice.  They are fed up to the back teeth with low pay and no pay increases that are due to them.  The Secretary of State is using political roadblocks to keep workers in a low pay and no pay deadlock.

If our politicians get back to work then workers would not have to stop work."