UNISON Northern Ireland

We won't be left behind - close our pay gap!

On June 28th 2019 UNISON health workers representing their colleagues across the Northern Ireland Health and Social Services system took their call to end an NHS pay deficit to the Treasury and Parliament in London.

Workers in nursing, social services, support services and administration across the health sector are demanding money is released from the Treasury to bring their pay into line with the rest of the UK.

UNISON is adamant that its members in Northern Ireland will not be “left behind” their equivalents in England, Scotland and Wales.

While other parts of the UK have been awarded three-year wage deals in a collective agreement which is supposed to cover all four health services, Northern Ireland health workers have had a one-year deal imposed on them.

Maura McKenna said: "Talks are underway with the Northern Ireland Health Department. We previously only had a one year settlement imposed on us without agreement unlike other parts of the NHS which secured a three year deal. We are not prepared to be left behind."

Conor McCarthy said: "The Department of Health in Northern Ireland says it does not have the money to pay us. The UK Government is holding on to power because a Supply and Confidence deal with the DUP which included an addition £1 billion for Northern Ireland. The DUP along with all other parties in Northern Ireland is supporting our claim.  We are here to say to the UK Treasury ‘where’s our money?

Social care is funded and delivered through our integrated health service in Northern Ireland unlike the rest of the UK. The funding available to Northern Ireland must also be increased to support our social care needs."

UNISON’s Northern Ireland Head of Bargaining and Representation, Anne Speed, said: "We are delivering our message not only to the Treasury but also to Northern Ireland MPs who sit in Westminster and to Northern Ireland MLAs who are discussing the restoration of devolution, and funding for a new programme for government. Workers will not accept this growing inequality. Resources are urgently needed to end the pay deficit."