UNISON Northern Ireland

UNISON WASPI campaigners vow to continue their fight despite High Court ruling

There was no justice at The Royal Court of Justice for the 1950’s born women on Thursday October 4th as, despite all indications, the Back to 60 Judicial Review was lost.

As the shock of the courts pronouncement was felt by the assembled 1950's born women and their supporters, the atmosphere was one of solidarity, sisterhood and utter determination. This was not the end of the journey for pension rights but just a bump in the road to justice.

Representatives from UNISONs Women’s Committee and WASPI subgroup were outside the court and were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with such an incredible and motivated group of women who will carry on the fight for themselves and their peers.

Michael Mansfield and his team met with the crowd to empathise and discuss ways forward, which potentially could include a possible appeal against the court decision. There are also the WASPI “Maladministration” complaints against the Department of Work and Pensions which are still to be considered by the Ombudsman as they were on hold pending the outcome of the Judicial Review.

And last but by no means least, there is the Temporary Special Measure which could be implemented without the need for a Judicial Review we just need to ensure all our politicians are signed up to it under the UK obligations to ratify CEDAW (The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women ) which Mrs Thatcher signed up to. 

Colleagues, We may have lost the latest battle but we will win the war.