UNISON Northern Ireland


UNISON members on NJC pay terms and conditions in Education and Councils have issued a resounding rejection of the 1.75% pay offer from the employer local government negotiating body.

"They are disgusted by this paltry figure and feel insulted that workers holding education and council services together during the second year of the pandemic would be considered to be worth so little,” said Anne Speed Head of Bargaining and Representation at UNISON Northern Ireland.

She went on to say "We are joining with our colleagues in England and Wales in delivering that message. Employers have point blank refused to increase the offer for 2021/2022 and so we have recently met with other unions here in Northern Ireland and are discussing how we will fight on in the coming year to get better for all workers here covered by the NJC agreements.

UNISONs substantial NJC membership here is in Education and we will also be delivering a strong message to the outgoing Minister that the failure of her department and the previous minister to acknowledge the very significant efforts of education workers over two years of the pandemic is a very sore point indeed with our members. They are only too well aware of the special recognition payment given to workers in health and associated community services.  They also point to the additional uplift on the Health Pay Review Body recommendation of 3% which the NI Health Minister found local funding for.

We have been promised an Education Authority pay and grading review for more than two years now. We will make this a key issue with a new Minister. We fully expect to be listened to."