UNISON Northern Ireland


Members of the UNISON Down Education Branch in Colin Youth Development Centre are volunteering their time to ensure young people in the West Belfast area eat well during lockdown.

The Eat Well Live Well programme is an initiative set up by the EA Youth Service for young people registered with EA Youth Service aged 4-25 years who need access to a 5-day food box providing breakfast & lunch Monday-Friday. The programme is part of a safety net to the provision of free school meals during Covid-19.

UNISON Members volunteered to support the provision and delivery of the food boxes which contain daily food for 5 days including cereals, drinks, soups and pot noodles.

Kevin Hillick, Branch Secretary of the UNISON Down Education branch said “It’s important that we ensure all young people are protected during this lockdown, in many areas there are young people who rely heavily on the free school meals provision to eat well. The initiative is a great way to ensure they are continuing to have a supply of food during this time. We are thankful to all of our members who have given their time to help with the initiative and want to encourage others to support the Eat Well Live Well programme in their area through the youth service”.

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