UNISON Northern Ireland


Tonight at 8pm the public is being asked to show its support for UNISON members and all those working in frontline public and private care services responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. The public should join in a mass round of applause at 8pm while staying in their homes.

UNISON members working at  Gillis Memory Centre, Mullinure Hospital Armagh, alongside their colleagues working in community care throughout the Southern Health Trust,  the NI Fire and Rescue Service and the  NI Ambulance Service will hold a short event to recognise and acknowledge the public support, making sure at all times to abide by the public health measures in place around social distancing. Their message to the public will be to thank them for their support and remind them to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Commenting on the support shown by the public, UNISON Orchard/Armagh Branch Chair and Health Care Worker Petra McCreesh said:

“We want to thank the public for their support. We are staying here working for you in Armagh and throughout the Southern Trust – all we ask is that you follow government guidelines and stay at home for us. We also want to thank all other  key frontline workers.  All we ask is for the public  to stay at home whilst we work."

Petra added: " We also want to show solidarity with our colleagues and fellow UNISON members in the private care sector. They are also taking the risk on the frontline, many have been exposed to Covid 19 and are now ill - and they continue to only receive Statutory Sick Pay losing hundreds of pounds in their wages. We are asking the public to clap for them also - frontline key workers in the private care sector, and to support our UNISON campaign to end this injustice."