UNISON Northern Ireland

NJC Pay Update

By the end of February all trade unions whose members are covered by NJC pay terms and conditions will have delivered a resounding rejection of the paltry pay uplift of 1.75%.

UNISON members have already strongly expressed their dismay and anger that Education and Council members would be considered to be worth so little. They stood up and were counted during the Covid pandemic, kept council services going and schools open for most of the pandemic.

The failure of Northern Ireland Education Ministers and the Department to respond to the trade union call for a special recognition award has significantly contributed to NJC workers feeling undervalued.

Education unions have written to the NI Education Minister, the Board of the Education Authority and the EA Corporate Management Team delivering the views of all our members and calling on them to step up and secure funding for pay improvement.

UNISON will be joining with other unions in developing a strategy to bring these issues to the centre of the election campaigns of all parties and candidates.