UNISON Northern Ireland

Meals on Wheels - use it or lose it!

Jill Weir from the UNISON Omagh and Fermanagh branch is urging elderly and vulnerable people in the Western Trust to make use of the meals on wheels service they provide.  

“Simple things like providing a hot meal, ensuring a drink is taken and even the social aspect of someone calling daily, would surely help in keeping people at home and stop the need for some admissions to our already busy hospital,” Jill said.

Due to lack of uptake of the service, meals on wheels are at risk of being stopped.

“I have been fighting to keep this service for many years. We are the only place left that provides this service from the hospital so we are not giving it up without a fight. I have been made aware of people who would love a hot meal but because they may have a 15 minute call from Homecare, who make them a sandwich, they are not eligible for a hot meal, which I’m sure would be of more benefit.”

Jill is urging people to take advantage of this vital service before it’s gone. “If you know of anyone you think could benefit from this service please contact their social worker, and please do not use the excuse that it is no longer available or it can be got at a local shop.”

For more information about meals from home services, you can visit this website.

You can also find out information about arranging health and social care at home on NI Direct