UNISON Northern Ireland


UNISON today (26th April 2018) welcomes recent media coverage by the BBC of the impact of the menopause on women, which has highlighted the experiences of our own members working within health and social care.  Commenting on the coverage, UNISON Women’s Committee Joint Chair Roberta Magee said:

We welcome the recent media reporting on the impact of the menopause on women.  I applaud UNISON members who shared their experiences of the effect that the menopause has on them, both in and out of the workplace.  As a trade union whose membership is 83% women, this is a major issue for our members and it deserves greater recognition in the workplace.  UNISON Women’s Committee has been concerned for many years that the impact of the menopause on women is not given the appropriate level of recognition and have made addressing this a priority issue.

UNISON Women’s Committee is actively campaigning for all employers to implement a policy recognising the impact that menopause can have on women workers, and putting in place concrete measures to ensure that women going through the menopause have the support and assistance they require.  UNISON will be seeking meetings with major employers to discuss how this should be taken forward.  We call on all local political representatives to support our campaign and will be asking our local Government Departments to follow the example set in Wales and engage with UNISON on taking forward research and training on the menopause in the workplace.


You can watch the interview with UNISON Women's Committee members Amanda and Deborah here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-43882732