UNISON Northern Ireland

Education workers on strike

UNISON members have been on Action Short of Strike since October 16th and are taking strike action on November 16th. They want to deliver a strong message to all that with or without a sitting Assembly or Executive a fair reform of their pay agreement has to be delivered. The sustainability of a dedicated workforce depends on a just resolution to their long-standing demand.

Our industrial action campaign for a fairer application of the NJC pay agreement continues. Members have been demanding reform of their pay system since 2019. This is a specific Northern Ireland issue and the workers case for has been lodged with both the EA and DE for some time now. We have also made calls on the Secretary of State to open up a funding line to allow DE to support negotiations to resolve this issue.

The draconian cuts to the Education Budget delivered by Chris Heaton Harris has not only obstructed settlement of this issue, but these cuts have also drastically reduced or eliminated support services to pupils. Funding for education must not only be restored, it has to be increased.