UNISON Northern Ireland

Autism - Mental Health & Anxiety in Children & Young People

Event Date: 
24 May 2019 - 10:00 to 15:00

UNISON Belfast

Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing young people with autism, their families and their school. Many young people can experience anxiety in all areas of their lives, school, family, and social life, and it may compound the difficulties they experience when communicating, interacting socially, and controlling their emotions. Managing Anxiety explains a range of different types of strategies that can help manage anxiety in school and home, and takes into consideration the different roles people play in a child's or young person’s life: parent, sibling, professionals.  This training session will provide participants with information on common mental health challenges that people with autism can experience. There will be a particular emphasis on the experience of anxiety, this will include depression, anxiety disorders and cognitive strategies to help manage anxiety.  It will be delivered by Fiona McCaffrey, Middletown Centre for Autism.

Further sessions of this workshop will be run on 

10am  - 3pm Wed 28 Aug Enniskillen