UNISON Northern Ireland

£500 Covid Recognition Payment for Supporting People Workers

UNISON welcome the Communities Minister’s announcement that all workers employed in the Supporting People Programme across Northern Ireland will receive a £500 payment in recognition of their hard work and dedication in delivering services during the pandemic.

Over the past year UNISON has campaigned and lobbied the Communities Minister to recognise all workers in the community and voluntary sector with a covid recognition payment (similar to health care workers,) for their dedication and commitment in continuing to deliver services to those in the community who were most vulnerable.

UNISON has contacted the Communities Minister’s Office seeking further details on the covid payment and a timeframe for workers to receive the money which they deserve.

UNISON see this as a step in the right direction by the Minister.  However the Minister needs to go further with a payment to recognise all workers in the community and voluntary sector for providing vital services on the frontline in their communities at the height of the pandemic. UNISON will continue to campaign and lobby for a covid recognition payment for all workers in the sector and that no one should be left behind.

Read the DFC statement here.