UNISON Northern Ireland


Dignity – Putting It at the Heart of Health & Social Care

Thursday 29 August 2019

UNISON Belfast

Bullying – How To Deal With It As Someone Who Experiences It or As A Manager

Monday 2 September 2019


Introduction to General Employment Law

Friday 6 September 2019

UNISON Belfast

This is a one day workshop which will introduce participants to an overview of statutory employment rights including Contracts of employment (including part-time, fixed-term contracts); Guide to individual employment rights; Discipline, dismissals and grievances; Unfair dismissal; Redundancy and reorganisations.  Using examples from case law, the session will ensure that reps develop an understanding of how best to ensure that members rights are upheld.   The tutor is Thompsons Solicitor.

Dementia – Understanding Pain

Monday 9 September 2019

UNISON Belfast

Addiction - Understanding Illicit Drugs

Monday 9 September 2019

Broughshane (open to all)

This course will provide a more in-depth understanding of illicit drugs including prevalence, types of drugs used and their effects as well as an awareness of the legal framework and treatment pathways.  It will provide participants with information on relevant policy and practice guidance, harm reduction approaches and how to signpost clients to supports.  It is relevant to anyone who works/volunteers with those with addiction issues, with young people and also may be of interest to parents.  It will be delivered by Ascert.

Organising Steward (Day 1-3)

Wednesday 11 September 2019 to Friday 13 September 2019


UNISON stewards are the most important link between members in the workplace, their employer and the wider union.  This six day course is for new stewards to give you the knowledge and skills to support members locally and take on issues in your workplace.   New stewards get paid time to attend (where a facility agreement exists with the employer).  The course is accredited by SERC and will be delivered by a SERC tutor.

Days 4 - 6 will take place Wed 9 – Fri 11 Oct.  UNISON Derry

Dementia - An Introduction

Monday 16 September 2019 to Wednesday 18 September 2019

UNISON Derry  (this was originally advertised as Wed Sept 18)

Introduction to Equal Pay

Monday 16 September 2019

UNISON Belfast

The first time equal pay was raised as an issue for women was during the industrial revolution in the 1830’s!  Over 140 years later the Equal Pay Act (1970) came into force and yet still in 2014 there is a gender pay gap of 19.6%.   This course is aimed at activists who are interested in knowing more about identifying pay inequalities in pay and grading structures and advising members of their rights.  It will include input from UNISON women activists who won the Equal Pay case in 1984.


Addiction - Safeguarding Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse

Monday 16 September 2019 to Saturday 21 September 2019

UNISON Belfast (open to all)

This course will assist practitioners to provide support for children and young people who are suffering from the effects of parental substance misuse.   The workshop will ensure professionals know how to respond to both child protection issues and to situations where it is deemed the child is in need of support, as a result of parental substance misuse.  It will also introduce participants to the Regional Joint Service Agreement - Hidden Harm and understand their role and responsibilities in respect of this protocol

Supporting LGBT+ People in Care Home & Home Care Settings

Tuesday 17 September 2019

UNISON Derry (open to all)

Research indicates that older LGBT+ are often afraid to be out in care homes or in situations where home care workers and other health professionals come into their homes.    This can impact on their sense of identity and mental health.  This workshop will introduce participants to guidelines produced in partnership with RQIA to support care homes and home care staff to be fully inclusive in their person centred care of LGBT+ people.  It will be delivered by Fidelma Carolan, UNISON